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Welcome to the Oiled Wildlife Response Network.

We our dedicated to improving wildlife response capabilities following a pollution incident.

“Our mission is to provide stricken wildlife with the very best international standards of care.”

How oil affects birds
Become a responder

Supporting Organisations

We are a coalition of conservation and animal welfare organisations that coordinate the training of volunteers to act as ‘first responders’ in the event of an oil spill.

Together with authorities we our striving towards having an agreed and well exercised response plan in place, which will ensure the best outcome for stricken wildlife.

We are part of the EUROWA network of European oiled wildlife response experts, working together to improve professionalism in the field of marine wildlife emergency response.


 Being prepared means having a team of trained responders, pre-staged equipment, and specialised facilities ready to receive animals, and a plan to bring it all together!

We aim to coordinate and effectively utilise resources and expertise from our associated organisations, to work in cooperation under one banner to internationally recognised standards of animal care.  

Found an oiled bird?

If you find an oiled bird the most important thing to remember is that it is cold, dehydrated and exhausted.

It is probably emaciated and it is definitely stressed! Washing a bird in this condition will cause extreme stress, which may result in its death.

To give this animal the best chance of survival you must;

  • Warm it up.
  • Get fluids into it.
  • Allow it to rest in a quiet place.

Contact Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland  on 087 620 1270 to arrange for the animal to be taken in and receive the appropriate care.

Our Work

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