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Contact the National Environmental Complaints Line on

1850 365 121


Local authorities and/or the Gardaí and the EPA will follow up on the information provided. 


Or alternatively contact your Local County Council directly.

You can contact the OWRN directly using the Contact form on the homepage or email info@oiledwildliferesponse.ie

Alternatively contact Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit on 087 620 1270


If you find an un-oiled injured animal you can find a list of rehabilitators and vets here.

Join our mailing list to be kept informed of our next training events and news. 


Volunteers who have completed training with us or one of our supporting NGOs will be the first called upon to help in a response.


Oil is a known carcinogen and can have a devastating effect on every species of animal that comes in direct contact with it, including humans!


Some of the effects of oil on wildlife are;

      • Clogging up coats and feathers
      • Damage to eyes, ears and nasal area
      • Skin irritation
      • Chemical pneumonia
      • Gastrointestinal irration 
      • Reproduction failure
      • Hypo/hyperthermia
      • Starvation/dehydration 



We received funding from grants via the Irish Coast Guard, the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine Ex Gratia funding and the Community Environment Action Fund for training and preparedness projects. 


We have also received support from Providence Resources Plc. and CNOOC Limited to develop response capabilities.

Training and exercises are carried out on an annual basis.  

Join our mailing list to find out when the next training session will take place.